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Ralf HallerRalf Haller May 16, 2009

PR event: WolframAlpha launch live on TV

WolframAlpha is launching the service over the weekend, and it is planned to be available on Monday as a public service. Of course, it is still up to us all to decide if we’ll add WolframAlpha to our list of daily online tools to use – I started taking my first steps just now and don’t have an answer yet. Now what I have to note as remarkable is that they’re showing the launch live on TV. This adds a nice personal touch, I think, and could perhaps be taken as a model for other projects. Why not do so for your very own launches? At the very least, it is quite brave to do this, I must say, and of course a nice PR activity that reminds me a bit of a Space Shuttle launch. To add to the show, there is a tornado warning in the area around the control center. It looks almost as if they had been waiting for that to happen to add some drama to the story. :-)