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Ralf HallerRalf Haller May 5, 2009

WolframAlpha Launching in May?

The semantic search engine WolframAlpha got my attention this morning when it was featured in an article in the German newspaper FAZ. So I went to their website thinking that I could check it out myself but no, it does not work although it says “Launching May 2009″. Today is May 5. Maybe someone should tell this knowledge engine people that their PR is ahead of their product launch? So I maybe will come back next week or so if I don’t forget. Also their logo reminded me of some virus animations that you can see right now in all the media. I only hope for them that their product is actually better than their communications. Also Stephen Wolfram announced in this blog post back in March that it would go live in 2 months, commenting:

I wasn’t at all sure it was going to work. But I’m happy to say that with a mixture of many clever algorithms and heuristics, lots of linguistic discovery and linguistic curation, and what probably amount to some serious theoretical breakthroughs, we’re actually managing to make it work.

Pulling all of this together to create a true computational knowledge engine is a very difficult task.

So Steve let’s see what “time machine” you’ve got… my colleague Francis Turner just pointed out that Steve is a smart guy for sure; so now I am curious. Update: RWW has some screenshots at least from a web presentation that they attended a week ago here.