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Ralf HallerRalf Haller January 21, 2009

No News: Nokia and Securitas to offer security services on mobiles

This announcement two days ago could be interesting.  Still this news has not really triggered any comments at all on the tech blogs, everybody from Engadget, Phone Scoop, phone Arena, Unwired View, ZDET etc. only repeated the press release content and all you can read as a “comment” was, “do you feel saver already?” or “Nokia has not announced any pricing yet”.

On Securitas‘ website I could not find anything at all. The last press release is from Dec 29, which looks like that they are still on vacation.

This is a classical example of how to NOT do a press release. If you have nothing to say then you should not try to say something in a press release and waste money and time. How much more powerful could this have been by showing a practical use case, having quoted a client, show some pictures or videos that go along with it etc. etc. and of course use online marketing and PR as well.

Nokia is in the tech market quite an old-style company with not much sex or any appeal. If they continue with this it will be easy for the Apple’s of the world to beat such a company who excels in one only: producing the world’s lowest COGS mobile phones.

If you meet them tell them please, as someone needs to wake them up I think. :-)