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Ralf HallerRalf Haller June 12, 2013

Marketing Services and Technology M&A

All working in ICT are well familiar with the constant M&A activities that happen in this industry.

What has been happening in the Marketing Services and Technology area though since 2011 seems to be breaking all records.

As Scott Brinker in his Marketing Technology blog summarized in January already:

The sector with the largest number of deals and the highest total value — by a large margin — was Marketing Services & Technology. There were 485 deals in that category with a total value of $20.5 billion, up 67% and 36%, respectively, over 2011. This sector accounted for 9 of the 30 largest deals of the year.

Now things are continuing and the end does not seem to be reached yet.

Latest M&As:

  • salesforce.com acquires ExactTarget, who acquired Pardot just recently
  • SAP acquires hybris, an e-commerce vendor
Nice to see that some are going it on their own like Marketo who did a successful IPO.
More M&As are to be expected though by Oracle, IBM, salesforce.com, SAP, and Microsoft.
Among these rumors are that salesforce.com might be up – for sale – as well…

Ralf HallerRalf Haller February 8, 2010

Quo vadis SAP ?

SAP has changed its management and the founder Hasso Blattner is back watching it all. As German’s number one newspaper FAZ commented:

Wenn ein Unternehmer Jahre nach der Unternehmensgründung wieder ins operative Geschäft eingreift, ist etwas schief gelaufen. (free translation: when an entrepreneur after the successful founding and developing of a company again enters operational activities something must have gone wrong.)

They also mention that Shai Agassi – who is now trying to overcome the limitations of car battery technology with country-wide battery replacement stations – would have been a Silicon Valley like entrepreneur. Now SAP picked a double heading the company. A Danish and American with long-time experience working for SAP have been selected to run SAP- as it appears – by Hasso Plattner who will oversee it all again.

I must admit that I never warmed up to SAP. When I had to pick a ERP solution while with Bertelsmann (BMG) in Asia I felt that Oracle would be a better solution that is less dependent on experts and as such offers a better deal. Of course the company’s IT department already purchased many licenses forcing them to “convince” the rest of the company to use SAP so that they could apply the already purchased licenses. While this model has worked extremely well for SAP it seems to also be its limitations and the now replaced Theo Apotheker was a guy from having excelled with that business model.

Europe would need successful IT companies since the future will be much more driven by such companies than by car manufacturers. But apart from SAP there is only one other good-sized company that is known on an international scale: Software AG. These guys I know even less but they seem to do quite well around the buzzword “XML”.

Back to SAP: In my opinion they need to be much more aggressive in innovation and also need to reach out to new areas. This could well be by acquiring promising technologies from startups. So far SAP has not applied acquisitions much but I think they should do much  more. Also I think SAP needs to expand into areas where Oracle and Microsoft are active. There is no reason why they should not be able to offer their own relational database or offer enterprise software office solutions. In what of the currently hotly debated IT subjects is SAP present? social private communities, mobile enterprise solutions, real-time communications, mobile advertisement, virtual software, cloud computing, unified communications. Hardly anywhere. This needs to change if they want to have a future.