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Ralf HallerRalf Haller July 25, 2009

Ericsson buys wireless business (CDMA, LTE) in NA from Nortel

Hot off the press: Ericsson buys the CDMA and LTE business in NA from Nortel for 1.1 bln USD. While NSN lost out in this deal it is Motorola and (Alcatel)-Lucent who will not like this at all. Ericsson will double its revenue in NA with this deal and also buy a profitable business.

As we have seen at the Mobile Wireless event in Barcelona, Nortel’s LTE development was quite advanced, having been able to leverage its WiMAX technology (shares OFDM with LTE) to gain a lead I think.  Their LTE system was showcased jointly with LG and T-Mobile. See our videos on this as well.

Funny side note: we did this video by simply walking around and cost us zero. Goal was to be as authentic as possible. T-Mobile had their Marcom department run a very expensive video with professional graphic animations on this as well but got only double the viewers (3000) that we did (1500).  This is how the social web works, it us all about being authentic. Next year we plan to invest a little more than zero, but then strive for 10-100x the viewers: stay tuned. :-)