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Ralf HallerRalf Haller January 16, 2009

Mindset electrical vehicle: good design and quality has its price

Today Mindset, a Switzerland based electrical vehicle startup, showcased its car in Berlin.

The company is looking for investors to finance its launch as early as end of 2009. An interesting interview can be read here (in German). The reason why car manufacturers are not ready for EVs is explained too:

Q. Why do the big car manufacturers not build their own electrical cars?

A. They could, but they do not really want to. Car manufacturers like Toyota or VW calculate in hundreds of thousands or millions of units. The battery technology is not that far developed right now to allow a reasonable price-performance ratio for such quantities.

Another reason is cultural. The competency of car manufacturers is in engines. The car industry lives off building engines. That means for the manufacturers though that when they switch to electrical vehicles they have to change not only the cars but also the members of their boards. The last one is more difficult for them.

In addition, electrical vehicles are basically maintenance-free. It is enough to check the brakes once in a while. Everything else can be done with the laptop. So the car does not have to be inspected every year. That is a new business model for the manufacturers who right now with their resellers make money with the maintenance.