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Ralf HallerRalf Haller June 9, 2009

And the truth is: iPhone 3G S with longer battery runtime

There are rumors that Apple spreads rumors prior to new product announcements itself to create buzz. What has been rumors and what is now reality you can read here. To me the three best things of the new iPhone are: higher speed (2x, PAsemi chip ?), longer battery runtime (not for 3G operations though), improved OS with many new features. Looks like that Apple has used this new product release primarily to fix some major flaws such as poor battery runtime and also added some software features such as copy/paste that the masses were annoyed about or were badly missing.

Speaking for myself, I think this is not enough news to go back to an iPhone so I will keep my iPod Touch and a super thin Samsung mobile phone with which I am doing fine. The new OS upgrade I will do of course and welcome.