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Ralf HallerRalf Haller May 28, 2009

Google IO developer conference draws 4,000 visitors – and many Androids

Google’s developer conference seems to draw a lot of Android folks this year according to Android Central. We have also been told first hand that Google takes Android very serious and that is reflected in the give-aways too, every attendee gets a free HTC Android development phone. Smart move to give the techies some “toys” to play. And the numbers of deployed Android phones are catching on too. As I mentioned not too long ago Opera, NOKIA and others will probably suffer from this. Only the iPhone will keep growing and has not much to fear I think. Looks also like China Mobile will take on an Android phone from HTC which will give it some lead even over Apple’s iPhone who is still only available as a jailbreaked version there. But that with a good size market I guess. :-)