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Ralf HallerRalf Haller May 30, 2013

When Switzerland copies like the …

At Extendance we organize a range of ICT events that target the key decision makers of the largest Swiss companies and organizations.

In some areas we are even after 3 years still newcomers. Such as the Cyber Intelligence event.

Our internal policy as well as ethical business culture is that we always try to come up with new, interesting speakers and topics for these events. This does not seem the case though for other event organizers.

I have noticed that one IT security distributor has copied half of our speakers from our events for a future event, which is no coincidence of course. They also copied the former name of the event. In another case one of our recent keynote speakers was then also approached and is a speaker at a security services company who does 2 events as well per year.

Lastly, the exact timings and framework of our events was fully copied by an event that is now organized by the security intelligence department of the Swiss government (paid by taxpayers). :-)

I and our event co-organizer were quite puzzled to see all that.

For the people attending our events in the future we can still guarantee though that we will use our heads and creativity, as well as apply highest ethical business attitudes. That also means not simply copying what others do. I think we have the professional expertise and don’t need to do copy others. We are also quite sure that most attendees would rather go to the original and not some copycat events.

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