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Ralf HallerRalf Haller February 7, 2009

Google opens public domain books to mobiles

Two days ago mobile book reading made another major step forward on its quest to become mainstream when Google announced that 2 million books (US and international) can now be read on your mobile phones as well.

The continued adoption of e-book readers should get another boost by this and also Amazon seems to have plans to open their books for many mobile devices while their new Kindle e-reader is due on Monday.

Meanwhile, if mobile e-books are your thing, a few other nifty apps are available for the iPhone that do a good job: Stanza, eReader or BookShelfLT are all free.

Ralf HallerRalf Haller December 2, 2008

2009 planning: What are the most effective marketing tools we have seen?

In ICT marketing, as everywhere else, there has been a shift to online tools. This should be familiar turf for any marketing professional in IT and communications companies. If not, it is high time to learn this area before your competitors do.  In short, digital and online is the way to go also because it is less expensive and success can be measured with very high accuracy. This will be even more dominant in 2009 because it is so cost effective when done properly.

But be aware: simply moving print content to a website will only show that the digital and online marketing rules have not really been understood at all – there is much more to it than that. It is a new world of working. So while it should be clear that we have a new digital and online marketing world here and now, what will be the favorite sales and marketing tools for 2009 and beyond? Here is my list:

- TCO or ROI calculators have been great tools if you can simplify your advantages into numbers (btw. this does not only mean cost savings, but could be longer product lifetime, longer maintenance intervals or faster learning curve, whatever – of course reduced CO2 footprint could also be a good one now).

- audio webinars can open doors if they focus on a current hot topic. If there is no such hot topic that excites your target group then this is not the tool to choose, though

- audio and video newsletters: combine your e-newsletters with digital media content and they will love it!

- podcasts: record your presentations as a podcast or your newsletter content or a webinar or your CEOs last keynote speech; I was surprised to see how many top executives listen to podcasts as a way of keeping up to date on business trips – check out Stitcher, for example, one of the most successful news media and also available for the iPhone btw.

- e-books: no not simply moving again print content to an e-book, it is much more than that. e-books need to be written in a format that is suitable for the e-book reader. If you have special clients that are worth an e-book investment then get them an e-book reader on company expenses – the beauty is that you have now a great platform to submit more and more info to them and have them read it conveniently on the next business trip together with some other books as well. It is a great way to establish a nice information exchange platform between you and them. And of course the e-book can be used to read other books as well  Last,  but  not least for anyone in ICT, e-books should be a great gadget that fits the philosophy of going digital and using the Internet for exchange. It is your business so you can show that you are using it as well proactively.

These are a few of the top tools. To use them properly, you need to have a regular  creation and updating program – they all communicate a message that your marketing and information are really up to date, so you need to prove it, too! And finally, you should make sure that it all ties together. Make all of these an entry point to your sales process, in the way that best suits the buyer you are trying to entice!

Ralf HallerRalf Haller June 30, 2008

No more textbook carrying to school

All in IT sales know how long it can take to convince a conservative community to give up with old traditions or get them to change processes that have been followed forever. ebooks seem to have had a similar battle so far but now Amazon’s Kindle will be used by major universities so that students have no excuse anymore forgetting a textbook and this might well be the start of ebooks widespread adoption in schools and universities. All the textbooks will be nicely available on just one e-reader device. I had looked at e-readers myself a few months ago but after reading some reviews online decided that these products are not yet mature enough and for what they offer still too expensive ($359 for the Kindle). Still for students it makes sense to reduce the paper textbooks and save trees too. The bad remains though: expensive overall, no true web browser and no color display, although its b&w display is practically like reading real books. The Amazon Kindle is of course also competing with Apple’s new iPhone UMTS and store as well as with the new category of PCs that Asus started (Asus Eee). Knowing how strong Apple is in the school market segment they will not leave this opportunity to Amazon alone I would think.