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Ralf HallerRalf Haller January 1, 2009

Best iPhone apps I came across so far…

Below a list of my currently favorite iPhone apps. There are so many iPhone apps out now that I have a hard time keeping up with all of them. In fact I am not keeping up with it. -) If you want a review of these apps check out AppVee. It seems the currently best review place that I have found at least. Some of their reviews I do not share though at all, so it is still worth checking out the apps by yourself and look for other reviews and opinions elsewhere. The lists below are in random order btw.

Worth noting is that practically all my cloud applications also have a mobile version now which I can add as bookmarks to the iPhone and they look like any other iPhone app; they have just to be launched through the bowser which happens automatically.

For Work For Fun
  • Instapaper
  • Evernote
  • fring
  • Stitcher
  • Tube (London, Paris, …)
  • Newsstand
  • Taxi Guide (Shanghai, Beijing…)
  • DianHua
  • WiFinder
  • Holidays
  • Flight Status
  • AirportStatus
  • Record
  • SBB Timetable
  • Google
  • Google Earth
  • LinkedIn
  • iCurrency
  • Easy Pasta
  • Recipes
  • Shazam
  • Wine Card
  • TV Guide
  • Word Bank (MyWords-Chinese)
  • Flashcards (Chinese characters)
  • Hanoi
  • Cocktails
  • Clubs
  • Aero Weather
  • WeatherEye
  • Stanza
  • iChillout
  • FourFree
  • Blanks
  • 20 Minuten
  • WeatherPro


Ralf HallerRalf Haller August 24, 2008

Latest secrets from the iPhone appstore

iPhone apps have catapulted the wireless mobile industry into a new millennium. Everyone will benefit: Apple of course, the app developers now having a platform to make good revenue quickly; the other wireless device vendors and developers as they now also have a path to tap into the market of the billions of mobile phone users, allowing them to profit, too, if they move fast.

  • the neutral app recommendation site www.appvee.com contains lots of copied and neutral info on iPhone apps, plus reviews. This site helps with finding your applications.
  • there are apps restricted to use in North America only: WeatherBug (temperature in Fahrenheit only), Pandora radio (does not run in Europe), AirportStatus (also keeps crashing on startup, latest: now it works!), NWA travel…
  • my favorite apps right now are (a snapshot as things change daily):
    • Evernote, great notebook that also has a website that lets you better organize and share your notes
    • MProfs, nice short marketing tips and how to stories, with some good contributions in it
    • SBB Timeplan, giving you fast access to the Swiss public transport timetables
    • 20min, free Swiss news source, best are the available news videos, I think
    • Bloomberg, this has proven to be the so far best stock market news and tracker application for me, its counterpart Swissquote lacks basic usability features, which is a shame, as otherwise they could be even better I think, so right now I’m still using Bloomberg
    • WinWeinReb, a big database in German for wine grapes, after you key in the wine grape name you get infos about its major locations and also a description of its to be expected taste, a database that gives access to the wines itself would be a great extension, hope they do that for free then too
    • AeroWeather. There are many other — it seems great — to-be-paid for tools for pilots available, but AeroWeather is for free and provides the latest reported weather at all major aiprorts worldwide, including METARs and TAFs in both raw and decoded versions: very nice tool!
    • nice stuff for just playing around: Mandarin phrase book, Cocktails, Brain Tuner, Newtons Cradle, Blanks (new English words), PangeaVR (3D panoramas), Midomi and Shazam (recognize songs)
    • more useful tools: Currency, ZIPcodes, Units, Translator, Cards, WeekNumber