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Ralf HallerRalf Haller February 14, 2009

Are mobile operators missing opportunities that the iPhone brings?

Today I replaced my iPhone with an iPod Touch. I realized that I only really use my iPhone with Wifi Internet access, and otherwise only use the applications offline. I also have a Samsung phone that lasts a few days without having to recharge it and it is so slim that I can slide it into my shirt or pant pockets and hardly feel it any more.

When travelling and using my iPhone I used to accumulate lots of roaming charges as I was tempted to use my iPhone more often. Even a cheaper international plan did not cut it for me. Also, the iPod Touch is lighter and slimmer than the iPhone and I expect the battery to last longer too.

Now I just saw this statistic from admob, who serve ads to more than 6,000 mobile websites, and their mobile data usage statistics are interesting, showing that the iPod Touch is indeed becoming the number one choice for using the Internet on the road. What that of course also means is that right now the incumbent mobile operators are losing out on this trend big time. 3G networks simply cannot offer the speed needed, and 4G is still far off, it seems. To make things clear: I have now the iPod Touch which has only a Wifi chip built in. And my other phone I just use for calls, so don’t really care if it is 2G or 3G or whatever. More and more people are getting used to this right now. All of us could have become loyal wireless data customers using 3G or 4G networks if they delivered what was promised: fast wireless internet access. Now we’re spending our money elsewhere and getting used to it.

Ralf HallerRalf Haller January 6, 2009

Apple “steals” ideas from Google and others and makes money with them…

Today’s keynote at the Macworld event was filled with new announcements and following it on CrunchGear in near real-time my mouth started watering and a decision that has developed over the last year came finally through: my next laptop will be a Macbook for sure. They are now light years ahead of Microsoft that I think not using a Macbook and its OS would mean a severe competitive disadvantage.

Now back to my heading. It is pretty obvious that Apple has stolen quite a few ideas from Google. The funny thing, though, is that while Google seems good at coming up with good new stuff only Apple is able to make money with it.  Google still today has “only” managed to commercialize its search and I do not think that they will ever be able to do anything else really – commercially speaking.

Here the list of things that I have seen Apple borrowing from its friends in Mountain View and others:

  • face detection in iPhoto (Picasa started that a few months ago)
  • GPS geotagging in iPhoto (a clear Google maps domain)
  • iMovie UI seems to be taken from Blackberry
  • iWork.com is clearly using ideas from Google’s iDocs
  • remote Keynote application app over Wifi on the iPhone is a copy of an existing app, i-Clickr, thanks guys!
  • over 75 million accounts linked to credit cards, aha, I can smell what is coming here soon, Amazon’s of the world fasten your seat belts

One nice thing that maybe has not been noticed as much as it should have due to its possible impact on the telecom industry: iTunes music store now works over 3G and offers the same pricing model. At last the mobile operators have a smile too on their 3G investments. Thanks, Apple.