Ralf HallerRalf Haller December 12, 2014

Are there German – Swiss – Googles around the corner ?

This question – more or less – asked the co-founder of LinkedIn Konstantin Guericke in a blog post answering the question “Where are the German Unicorns?

Guericke is a German himself, but lived, studied and worked in Silicon Valley, where he co-founded LinkedIn.  Now he works for a German venture capital firm trying to encourage German startups to go to the US at early stage:

We ask the same question other German VCs ask “Is there a similar company already successful in the US?”, but rather than hoping for “yes,” we hope for “no”. We look for founders who don’t mind living in the US for a few years and who follow the Israeli model of launching in the US right away rather than starting in Germany and then moving to Austria and Switzerland followed by Sweden, Netherlands, Poland and France.

As for Swiss startups, who went to the US at early stage?  There are only a few and Рunfortunately Рnot too successful ones to my mind, but maybe that will change as well?

Remark: Unicorns are startups who have a USD 1 billion+ valuation.