Ralf HallerRalf Haller December 21, 2013

Will California copy Switzerland ?

Tim Draper is a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist in the third generation who made himself a name with not only successful investments into startups but also as an actor in his sisters comedy show on the Nikelodeon TV channel. For marketing geeks he is well known for inventing the term viral marketing that two of his successful investments (Hotmail and Yahoo) applied and that has been copied since then by many others.

Now a proposal makes the headlines in Silicon Valley and California. He wants to split the state of California into six states with Silicon Valley one of them. The idea is to recover the state that is – despite all the success in Silicon Valley – economically in bad shape and many communities are even under bankruptcy protection.

In an email to Techcrunch he mentions the reasons for this proposal that he will also hand in as a state ballot initiative.

Maybe he has been getting this idea from Switzerland, where the local cantons and communities have their own decision making power and do quite well for a long time?

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