Ralf HallerRalf Haller November 19, 2013

Cloud Computing – a new chance for European ICT companies?

Ever since E. Snowden’s disclosures, at some of our ICT events (Cyber Intelligence, Data Center Management, Future IT Workplace and Big Data Success Stories) the discussions were also about the opportunities that this might give to European ICT service providers for offering cloud services.

This due to the fact that non-US based companies do not underlie the US Patriot Act rules that might enable the US government to access stored data.

I asked companies like Microsoft if the business got hurt, but they did not give me answers. I suppose they were told to simply ignore such questions – understandably.

I for myself anyway annoyed by the in-transparency dealing with e.g. Google (all moves are being analysed and then moneytized, in addition the company is extremely in-accessible) decided to stop using their stuff. So I just downloaded the Torch web browser and started using DuckDuckGo powered by Yandex as search engine. I also downloaded Maxthon, another web browser and will use the two in addition with Firefox the next couple weeks to see what I like the most. Overall the browser war – in case you have not noticed it – seems to be over. I.E. won again. (at least for desktops, in mobile I.E. is hopelessly behind which is the game of the future though)

Why do I bring this up here? Well, in Cloud Computing the client of the future is the browser, and maybe the OS as well…