Ralf HallerRalf Haller February 3, 2013

Change in Enterprise Software Marketing ?

I came across the last 12 months or so increasingly online marketing ads from enterprise software vendors at consumer portals such as e.g. Sport1.de. A sidebar ad on Sport1.de costs about 50 EURO per thousand impressions.

The media data of that sport portal is impressive and the people looking at it are 80% male and aged far below 45.

So they intend to market to people who have – very likely – no budget decision-making power in large enterprises.

Unless I am missing here something, I have a hard time believing that placing an enterprise software ad at a sports web portal that is alternating with ads from Heads & Shoulders, travel agencies, airlines, car manufacturers, consumer sports equipment vendors and others has any marketing effect at all.

I very much believe in online marketing at proper places to put this straight, but in case I should be wrong here let me know please and I will be glad to write about it here.

Until then these ads look to me as either desperate, a lack of communication between sales and marketing or/and maybe marketing communications done by consumer marketing people with no understanding of B2B marketing. This seems a waste of resources and maybe even negative marketing in case people like me start wondering who is behind their company.