Ralf HallerRalf Haller August 20, 2011

OpenFlow Networking – New Spotlight for Datacom Vendors?

What will be next in data communications infrastructure innovation? One might have asked this already a few years ago. With 1G interfaces well installed everywhere and 10G also becoming the norm in datacenter backbones, 40 or even 100G seem rather more distant targets, mostly due to physical limitations. While the ICT innovation buzz seems to have shifted to cloud computing, the good old networking infrastructure vendors have to look elsewhere to get into the limelight. This could well become Open Flow which promises to provide lower-cost networking connectivity. A few startups that are still in developing and/or in stealth mode such as Big Switch or Niceria promise to challenge the established vendors soon.

latest news: interestingly, IBM, who departed routing and switching as well as optical communications long time ago, are now jumping back onto this opportunity.