Ralf HallerRalf Haller May 16, 2011

Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

The probably most visible European ICT startup ever Skype changes hands again. And this time Microsoft pays a huge premium that most analysts who don’t get the hightech world don’t understand. Of course Skype is not worth 8.5 billion USD, and Microsoft knew that, but this deal was a fight between Google and Microsoft and Google dropped the ball at 8 billion or so deciding to better build than buy.

What will Microsoft now do with Skype? Well that will be interesting to see. They could with their financial power create a very powerful telco where you communicate from your desktop, laptop or mobile with your peers. Microsoft has other technology in the unified communications area and could well integrate this all offering their enterprise customers local as well as wide area networking over the Internet heads on competing with the telcos.

If this indeed happens we will see. Guys like Cringely doubt it. I am not so sure if he is right though… ICT markets keep spinning fast and remain highly interesting.