Ralf HallerRalf Haller February 22, 2011

Mobile World Congress 2011 impressions

Also this year I attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For the first time I also watched keynote speeches on Mobile Live TV on my iPod. For the second time I used somewhat MyMWC, a social networking tool where you can send messages to attendees, arrange meetings and also plan meetings.

It was the fourth MWC event in Barcelona now and possibly the second last one if the GSMA decides in June for a new host city. I think though Barcelona is the clear number one choice for several reasons:

  • they have the event now fully under control and learned a lot from the mess the first year, it is almost perfectly organized now
  • although hotels jack up their prices by 2-3 times during the MWC event week, it is still possible to get somewhat reasonable accommodations a bit further away even if you book very late
  • traffic in Barcelona is manageable, I think that both Paris and Milano totally disqualify on this aspect as already now these cities are way too crowed and an event like the MWC will bring the places into a entirely chaotic situation. Starting each morning in a traffic mess is really no good for any event and for doing business.
  • Barcelona can offer nice weather in February. We had mostly sun, blue sky, and >15 degrees Celcius. In all other possible locations weather will be most likely really bad in February with Munich the worst. How this can put a damper on attendees moods you can see year after year with the German Cebit. I really doubt GSMA wants to reduce attendance rates by doing the event in very likely miserable weather location. That alone leaves Barcelona as the only possible venue place from 2013 on IMHO.