Ralf HallerRalf Haller November 26, 2009

Ranking of the most influential websites – in English

:/urlfan is a website that is “currently ranking the popularity of 3,783,534 websites by parsing 302,936,519 blog posts from 5,970,548 blog feeds”.

So instead of looking how many people go to a site, this list counts the number of blog posts that mention those sites. The thinking behind this is that since bloggers are influential this translates into real popularity. I think this makes sense and also makes the analytics manageable without needing a supercomputer to do it fast. Blog sites themselves start btw at position  22 with Techcrunch. We just hope Michael A. has not also invested into this site here. :-)

The site also shows the most popular Buzzwords “parsing 154,527 blog posts”. The Obamas made it three times into the top 10 (“Barack Obama”, “Michelle Obama”, “President Obama”) and “Sarah Palin” at position 10. So this one is definitely not interesting outside of the US.