Ralf HallerRalf Haller August 14, 2009

My current iPod Touch apps

Here’s a list of the iPod Touch apps I like the most and also some that I am still checking out some more as I have not yet seen their usefulness in full.

Twitter client

Twittelator is what I use the most. Sometimes also TweetDeck. Other clients that work well but are not that popular with me — but still worth taking a look as it is quite subjective — are Tweetie, Twitterrific, TwitterFon.

Traveling apps

The iPhone apps in the traveling category are growing rapidly and I am not up to date on all that’s out there now. I think LonelyPlanet is good, although I have not bought any iphone app. What I can recommend are Tube (London, Paris), BERLIN (TripPlanner), CityGuide (Barcelona, Roma), BucksMe (to find the next Starbucks nearby), worldtop7 (best restaurants to check out), and Beijing and Shanghai Taxi Guide — a MUST have when you are there.

Swiss apps

Yes, living in Switzerland you have a good choice of some really excellent apps like: PhoneBook (works super fast), ParkMe (shows in real-time the parking lots available in all the major Swiss cities), SBB Mobile (all the railway connections), Wemlin (all the buses and trams in Zurich), 20minuten and Tagesanzeiger apps, which are very good online newspapers, Swiss events, Swim Weather (shows details of all the public swimming pools), usgang.ch.


My kids are the authorities on this. They like: Topple, Monkey, NFSU, Tiki Towers (is THE hit), Paper Toss, Hanoi. Shazam for recognizing songs works well and I use it quite often.


WeatherPro is the best I think, AeroWeather as a backup is OK next to Apple’s own Weather app. iWeather.ch I don’t yet find useful.


20minuten and TA in Switzerland, stern.de is well done, NYT, Instapaper, Newsstand (I like the most as blog reader), Stitcher for podcasts, TVGuide, TV Movie and netTV are all far from perfect TV guides and lots of usability improvements are needed for all of them.

Work tools

DocsToGo is similar to FileShare, OffMaps I consider as a work tool to help me find my way as a backup, Flight Status is nice to have and AirportStatus is good for only shows US airport delays, 30Boxes online calendar works very well, Convertbot makes converting Fahrenheit or inches into what I understand better – metrics – fun to use, mSecure keeps all my login names and passwords at one place — and man, how many there are! My ultimate week planning tool is Evernote, a must-try-out app! To find Wifi networks I use WifiTrak and WiFinder (this does not work under OS 3.0 anymore, though), to find FREE Wifi connections I try out iFiFi and FREE Wi.Fi but both with so-so success, you need to be patient so often not the best tool for work. I have now found WifiCafe and this app seems to also work in offline mode.

Social Communications

LinkedIn and Facebook work well on the iPhone, so does Skype (no more need for FRING, sorry guys), Brightkite and Mobeedo or aka-aki I am trying out still, so far it did not convince me as there are not enough people in it and anyway only works in BIG cities, maybe.

Fun for me

Cocktails, easyPasta, Holidays (to see when other people are taking off again), iChillout, CellarRat (quick overview of what wine area and year could be promising, so far did not use much at all). Schmap and Unlike I’ll probably delete soon, Trailers Int. shows the latest movie trailers, very nice app, CultureGPS is a mix of fun and business app, sometimes one and sometimes the other — try it out and see yourself!

The iPhone apps are overall now more sophisticated than the first versions. Still I have the feeling they are now reaching their limitations as there is only so much you can do with an app on a relatively small screen. Not surprisingly Apple seems to be working on a bigger screen version which will open up entirely new and better opportunities. E.g. web surfing on a small screen is still not that much fun and remains an exception for me even with Wifi connectivity.