Ralf HallerRalf Haller June 9, 2009

On Twitter and SMS

Twitter triggers a lot of discussion about its usefulness and funny stuff as well like the video below. While I personally don’t Twitter – yet -I understand why it might be attractive to use by many. It is in my opinion the next generation of SMS which has – also very unexpectedly at the time when it started – been a huge success ever since and is still today a BIG revenue source for mobile operators. If I were an operator or SMS service provider I would be quite concerned right now, though, as Twitter might be stealing your clients. Best way to protect yourself is getting active by linking your service to Twitter or build something that is Twitter-like. Technically it is dead easy, to make it a widespread success a totally different story though.

Latest: Harvard has just published a report on the use of Twitter. The data shows that Twitter is tested by many but then never ever used again. Also it is a broadcast rather than a one-to-one personal communication tool. So I guess not an SMS challenger right now, although I think that’s what it could be used easily if not now then soon.