Ralf HallerRalf Haller January 2, 2009

Tech blogs dominated by Apple, Google, Microsoft stories

Year end you can find on each popular tech blog a list of the most read stories. Seeing the results I am getting suspicious and ask myself: Why is it that practically all most read tech blog posts are about one of these US tech companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft (“AGM”)? Is there nothing else to report about, do people only read about these companies or are there other reasons for this?

Techmeme: (of the top 50 stories in all of 2008, 41 were about AGM)

Engadget: (in the top 20 list 14 were about AGM)

GigaOm: (no list yet, would be interesting to see, I suspect it is in the at least 30% neighborhood)

Techcrunch: (has no list yet, but I bet it is also around 50%, they only comment on the Techmeme list maybe to distract from it? -) )

Ars Technica: (only 2 of the 10 most viral stories, but they seem to go after other even stronger buzzwords: “sex”, “scam”, “crime” which is found in 7 of the top 10 stories.)