Ralf HallerRalf Haller August 29, 2008

WiMAX is coming…

It has been a while since I talked about WiMAX. I guess this reflects the reality of its slower than expected rollout in the US primarily due to its prime backer Sprint’s troubles. But now I came across a few interviews and announcements that look quite promising. Sprint is rolling out WiMAX large-scale finally starting with Baltimore in September and then have Chicago and Washington follow in Q4 and other cities in 2009. There are many other regional players who were faster with rolling out their WiMAX services but Sprint will be the first doing that on a really large scale.

Ah and take a look at this embedded video which is an interview with Sprint’s operations manager for WiMAX. This sounds now finally like the right thing to do. I would expect if they build the network well, even an Apple iPhone or a Google Android phone could offer WiMAX built some time in 2009. That would rock the market and be far ahead of LTE for sure… As I mentioned some time ago the WiMAX vs. LTE race is on. It is a slower than expected one but speed will catch up in 2009, and LTE is far from seeing any commercial deployments yet it seems.