Ralf HallerRalf Haller August 18, 2008

Genius.com – the genius for business e-mailing?

I have to warn everybody from some annoying experience I made. While I am overall quite impressed with the product as you can read below, sales as well as support response times are horrible. It takes days if not even weeks to get anyone to return e-mails. Then you need to also be aware that the product costs between 6-8k USD per year so is not to be compared with salesforce.com like pricing. Lastly, I am still waiting that they confirm to me that all my uploaded data from a trial is indeed deleted and not used by anyone. I have already asked twice in the last three days but still did not get any response. They also cut you off the trial without any warning so that you won’t be able to take such actions yourself.

One year ago I already trialed Genius.com organizing initial e-mailings to prospective clients. At first I was excited – as far as I remember – but then I decided to drop it anyway due to a lot of missing features and also lack of stability.
Now I am impressed with it and Genius.com got much closer to deserving its name.
As with many good software tools usability makes the difference. Exactly this is what the Silicon Valley based VC funded startup does extremely well now and most importantly very reliably and stable. Investment into the platform and into the Ajax client user interface have paid off.

They also addressed the spam filter issue now very well. No cookies are used. Genius.com solves this problem, at least for now, by giving your websites a unique new URL which is all that is needed to identify who, for how long and in what order clicked onto your websites. You can even replay what someone did on your website showing its path and time spent on each page, so you can draw real conclusions that help decide what to do next with each prospect.
Equally well done is the management of emails and contacts organized in SmartGroups. Here a lot of goodies have been added compared with a year ago.

One nice feature is the possibility to add a remove footer when you send out the e-mail to more than 20 recipients. This complies with US anti-spam regulations and is also in Europe good to have.

Overall Genius.com is a very good tool that solves a current problem very nicely. I will have to test the integration with salesforce.com still but also here it appears the company’s product management is eager to provide a complete user experience. With regards to it’s business model one can expect that they position themself for a trade sale to one of the BIG players such as Microsoft, salesforce.com or maybe Google. I can so far fully recommend Genius.com to create, execute, analyze and coordinate your business e-mailings and have it all integrated with other website analytics or CRM tools.