Ralf HallerRalf Haller June 30, 2008

No more textbook carrying to school

All in IT sales know how long it can take to convince a conservative community to give up with old traditions or get them to change processes that have been followed forever. ebooks seem to have had a similar battle so far but now Amazon’s Kindle will be used by major universities so that students have no excuse anymore forgetting a textbook and this might well be the start of ebooks widespread adoption in schools and universities. All the textbooks will be nicely available on just one e-reader device. I had looked at e-readers myself a few months ago but after reading some reviews online decided that these products are not yet mature enough and for what they offer still too expensive ($359 for the Kindle). Still for students it makes sense to reduce the paper textbooks and save trees too. The bad remains though: expensive overall, no true web browser and no color display, although its b&w display is practically like reading real books. The Amazon Kindle is of course also competing with Apple’s new iPhone UMTS and store as well as with the new category of PCs that Asus started (Asus Eee). Knowing how strong Apple is in the school market segment they will not leave this opportunity to Amazon alone I would think.